Summer Camp 19


Week 1 - Introduction to Sports

June 17th to June 21st (Closed June 20th and 21st)

Week 2 - Introduction to Group Games

June 24th to June 28th


Week 1 - Introduction to Science

July 1st to July 5th (Closed July 4th)

Week 2 - Volcanoes

July 8th to July 12th

Week 3 - Magnets

July 15th to July 19th

Week 4 - Sink and Float

July 22nd to July 26th

Week 5 - Take Home Project

July 29th to July 31st


Week 1 - Introduction to Art

August 1st to August 2nd

Week 2 - Body Art

August 5th to August 9th

Week 3 - Print Art

August 12th to August 16th

Week 4 - Mix Media Art

August 19th to August 23rd

Week 5 - School Mural

August 26th to August 30th (Closed August 30th)
Summer Camp-18


Week 1 - Types of Sports

June 18th to June 22nd

Week 2 - Ball Sports

June 25th to June 29th

Week 3 - Track and Field

July 2nd to July 6th (Closed July 4th)

Week 4 - Cooperative

July 9th to July 13th


Week 1 - Tools & Tool Safety

July 16th to July 20th

Week 2 - Sanding

July 23rd to July 27th

Week 3 - Hammering

July 30th to August 3rd

Week 4 - Painting

August 6th to August 10th

Cooking and Baking

Week 1 - Kitchen Safety

August 13th to August 17th

Week 2 - No Bake Projects

August 20th to August 24th

Week 3 - Baking Projects

August 27th to August 30th (Closed August 31st)